Are Drink Plans Worth it on a Cruise?

Are drink plans worth it on a cruise?

Are drink plans worth it on a cruise? This is always a big question and depends on what the drink plan includes, what you drink and how much you drink. Keep in mind that a drink plan is not only for alcohol. Many drink plans start out with the basics of providing unlimited soda, domestic beers and bottled water. On ships with specialty coffee bars that normally cost extra, a drink plan may also give you unlimited access to those.


Planning for A Road Trip

This post is coming from the road as we are on the last leg of a last minute road trip. An ear infection for Kenn and doctor’s orders not to fly meant we had to come up with alternative plans to get to Miami for our cruise. A one-way rental car, some quick preparations and we were off. Here’s how we prepared for the 20+ hour trip:

Navigation Planning

Google Maps is our go-to app for navigation. It’s proven reliable and current, but does require a cellular connection for maps. That can be an issue for areas that aren’t covered by your carrier. Yes, you can download maps from the app to work offline, but the process requires you do it for all areas and I’ve found it not worth it.


Sagrada Familia and Montjüic

This great church begun by Antonio Gaudí is perpetually under construction with a currently planned end date of 2026-2030. Signs posted by the entrance ticket booth claim that all who enter are partners in the construction. Lucky for us, we bought our tickets online and were the first to enter the church when it opened, avoiding what was a line that snaked around the block when we left. Gaudí is known for a rather fanciful design style resembling dripping cake frosting and fluid organic shapes. This church did not disappoint in providing lots to look at.

Barcelona, Spain May 6-8, 2013

Barcelona from MAC

There wasn’t much opportunity for posting on this trip as internet access was scarce and free time to blog was even more rare. Traveling on a cruise ship has many advantages, but shipboard internet connections are typically very slow. Also, contrary to cruise travel stereotypes, the type of cruise adventures we take don’t usually offer much downtime. From sun up to sun down we are constantly walking, hiking, or otherwise on the move. This is the first of many posts to come with details and photos of this amazing trip.

Heading to Charleston

We’re heading to Charleston for a quick weekend getaway to see family. This has become an annual trip for us because we participate in a bocce ball tournament benefitting Special Olympics. Kenn’s sister coordinates as host at the soccer stadium where she works. It’s a huge event with lots of food and drink. It also makes for a really long day if your team is any good. We don’t usually make it beyond the first couple rounds. But, we still have fun.

Venice, Italy

We pulled into the beautiful and very crowded city of Venice in the mid-morning hours. As our ship passed St. Mark’s Square we could see how crowded it was on that particular Sunday. As we pulled up to dock we could see some of the source of the crowds as there were at least 8 of the larger sized cruise ships already docked in the “large ship” dock area. Due to the much smaller size of the Silver Wind (our ship) we were able to dock at the much more convenient dock area. We were cleared around 12:30 and got off to join our tour group. We hoped on a small water taxi and meandered around the canals to a dock just outside of St. Marks Square. We met our tour guide and she took us to the Doge’s Palace where there was almost no one in the main courtyard. Our tour guide indicated that the Palaces are more crowded in the mornings and relatively empty in the afternoons. We walked around the various floors of the Doge’s Palace and our tour guide gave us the history on what a Doge was (an elected official during Venetian times). The Palace is now just a museum but it had courtrooms and many ancient paintings in it. It is connected to the prison via the Bridge of Sighs (look it up). We walked across the Bridge of Sighs into the prison wing and saw the various cells.

Split, Croatia

The main area of Split, Croatia lies within the walls of Roman emperor Diocletian’s palace, which was built in the 3rd century AD. The Old Town known as the Grad is within the palace walls.

It was very impressive to see the ancient fortified walls of the palace which looked more like a fort but now everything inside the walls has been made into homes or shops utilizing the palace walls and interior walls. There were hundreds of boutique shops mainly for women’s clothes and many shoe shops, again mainly for women’s shoes throughout. The narrow, odd-angled streets were very picturesque.


Kotor, Montenegro

What a day! We sailed into Kotor this morning through small fjords leading to the dock. After a short walk around town, we decided to venture upwards, hiking to the main old fort.

The hike consisted of a crumbly path and more solid stairs leading to the top of the hill where the fort resides. Being mindful of our 12:30 speedboat trip, we kept a brisk pace, stopping for photos along the way, and rest stops as needed. The elevation, exertion and concentration on not slipping was exhausting. Views along the path offered many sweeping shots of of the bay, town and our cruise ship.